Build Your Own International Software Company

Want to become an internationally recognised Software Company? Don’t know where to start? Let HCA guide you. 

Duration: 6 Months

(Minimum Team of 6 People)

Fee: Contact us

International Instructors

Classroom & Online Sessions

Classes on Sunday & Saturday

Real-life scenario based learning 

Training 6 or more People? Contact us for group offer.


Did you know that you can build a software company with minimum funds and without the need of having International experience, or being a Software developer yourself? With HCA we offer a 6 Month course which will equip you with the tools needed to penetrate the International Software market. HCA will also provide you with the guidance needed to establish yourself and your company Internationally.

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to create and operate a software company on an International level.  

What you'll gain

The skills needed to create and operate an International software development Business

Knowledge of how to develop software for the International market 

The Help of HCA to get you your first contract during your training 

A networking capability of being able to reach international businesses and clients 

Participant's minimum requirements

Ability to converse in English
Ability to work using Agile Methodology/Principles
Some members of your team must be experienced with JavaScript and Web frameworks such as React/VueJS/Angular 
Experience in collaboration tools such as Git Hub
Team of 6 consisting of:

1 x Devops

2 x Senior Developers 

1 x UX/UI 

1 x Project Manager 

1 x Marketing 

Monthly Overview


Develop Core Skills, Establish team Structure, Master Communication Skills 


Software Techniques, Client and Project Research 


System Design and Development Techniques for your First Project 


Learn Marketing Strategies for International Market


Launch and Promote your Software,

Develop a Backlog for V2


Learn Negotiating Deals with International Clients 

Course Content

How to Design and Create Software that you can sell to International clients 

Learn advanced Front-End Development techniques for Mobile, Web and Desktop Applications

Learn advanced Back-End Development techniques to build and consume Web APIs 

How to negotiate contracts with International clients 

How to communicate with International Clients 

Learn how to conduct International Market research 

How to protect your Intellectual Property 

How to develop a business plan for the International market 

How to protect your business against legal issues, develop viable taxation and insurance strategies 

Develop Soft Skills

Learn how to hire and engage developers for better performance 

How to deal with unexpected workplace situations

How to attract better partners / co founders for your Company


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