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Transforming our youths into dedicated and competent individuals

Mindmakr UK and Planet-IE Pakistan are joining hands to launch this initiative as an innovative venture to provide young and aspiring leaders with a unique platform to develop their talent and advance their skill set for better jobs and startups in a dynamic business.

Mindmakr UK & Planet IE Pakistan both passionately believe that by implementing smart and intelligent collaborative platforms we can transform our youth's potentials. We strive to achieve the dedication and competencies of individuals to facilitate the creation, adaptation and success of new innovation concepts to the local and international markets.

Mindmakr is a team of skilled IT & Business professionals from the UK who have a vision for helping future tech leaders find the opportunities to achieve their destiny. With a primary focus on skills and character development.

Planet IE Pakistan is a group of innovation and entrepreneurship professionals working together to strengthen capacity and innovative opportunities for the young youth. With a core focus on building strategic alliances with academic, corporate and public sector game-changers.

Going beyond conventional training

We provide mentorship and character development to help grow talented individuals. Through this facet, in addition to professional skills we also provide emotional coaching and help develop people skills and soft skills, so our participants can be ready to take on the world.

Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it, listen to some of our clients.

Yann: “His skills makes Asif extremely powerful developer and a team lead"


Asif focuses on the added value work and would find some ways to automate the tedious and repetitive tasks.

It’s hard to find people who are striving to produce better software and Asif is one of them.

His in-depth understanding of .Net both in terms of code and design patterns makes him an extremely powerful developer and team lead. He really understands the key concepts and is able to educate others. The MVVM, MVC, WCF and other WPF have no secret for him and he would also be able to explain in simple words what classes and inheritance are. He also understands the necessity of testing and automated regression tests which he would naturally implement as part of his development work.

Asif is a good development lead as he is eager to educate others and has the background and good track record of producing excellent software.

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