Start your International Freelancing Web Development Career

Learn how to develop and design top quality websites & web applications as a freelancer and how to monetise your time and work for international market. 

Duration: 3 Months

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International Instructors

Classroom & Online Sessions

Classes on Sunday & Saturday

Gain Technical and Soft Skills

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This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of international freelancing, even if you have little to no experience with it! The goal is to learn how to work with international clients to develop their fantastic looking websites and web applications using morden Javascript frameworks and tools to generate additional income . 

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who is a web developer with and want to tap into international freelancing . We will teach you exactly what you need to know in a simple way to understand and learn.

What you'll gain

Start your own international freelancing online business

Gain Advanced Web Developer for international market

Connect and reach international businesses and clients

Participant's minimum requirements

Ability to converse in English
Ability to work using Agile Methodology/Principles
Experienced of JavaScript and web framework such as React/VueJS/Angular 
Your personal laptop for development and access to internet when working away from the classroom

Monthly Overview


Frontend Design and Development Skills


Backend Design and Development Skills


Business Development Marketing Skills

Course Contents

Learn how to create websites and web applications that you can sell to your international clients 

Learn how to create fixed monthly revenue contracts with international clients 

Learn how to build a Portfolio to showcase your skills and services 

Learn advanced Front-End Development skills with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap 

Learn advanced Back-End Development skills by building and consuming Web APIs 

Learn how to design a System, Technical and APIs Architecture for a dynamic web application. 

Learn how to develop your first web site and web application 

Learn how to promot skills and servcies through social media 

Learn how to design and build a marketing material for your website and web application 

Develop Soft Skills

Learn how to develop a mindset of a successful international freelancer 

Master your strength of communication as an International seller by practicing in simulated environment

Learn how to master the art of asking questions 

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