Core Program

Aligns aspiring entrepreneurs and students with real-life business skills

  • Basic skills training
  • Develop task-based approach
  • Focus on interpersonal skills

Participant Assessment

Participants are assessed to determine strengths and weaknesses. We use this knowledge to develop a tailored set of activities and help them overcome the fear of failures and capitalising their strengths.

Part 1: Soft Skills Enhancement

In this phase participants will develop new skills in business-critical areas. This includes technical expertise, leadership abilities, emotional intelligence, B2B arbitration and self-expressions enhancement. Enhance their ability to communicate effectively with co-workers, employers, customers, friends and family members.

Part 2: Technical Skills Enhancement

Participants are trained to utilise their existing technical skills for their maximum benefits. This will not only help them to analyse their gaps but gives them clear direction to pivot if their chosen career demands.


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